Karagwe Rural Development and Environmental Conservation Agency

Background and Histroy

Karagwe Rural Development and Environmental Conservation Agency (KARUDECA) is a local registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) in the United Republic of Tanzania, which deals with environmental conservation,
disability, education promotion, micro-finance, agriculture, health and women and youth empowerment. The organisation was formed to alleviate poverty in Tanzania. The organisation was registered in December 2007 to operate in the Karagwe District of Tanzania and has since expanded its activities to mainland Tanzania following good performance. Our main projects include vocational education for Microfinance Institutions (MFI’s, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), the construction of rain water harvesting tanks in secondary schools and financial education projects in primary and secondary schools in Kagera region Tanzania.

KARUDECA’s organisational structure consists of a team of permanent and part-time employees and volunteers, as well as an advisory board and various members including men, women and youth from all classes of society. KARUDECA also has both local and international partners. Our local partners consist of various NGOs working in Karagwe Tanzania these include; KCBRP Tanzania, CHEMA Tanzania, MAVUNO Project and SAWAKA. At the international level, KARUDECA also partners with Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation Germany (main donor), Wabia Network (UK), Horizont3000 (Austria), Tanzania Development Trust (UK), Tools with a Mission (UK), Engineers without Borders – Sweden, Artefact (Germany) and Liliane Foundation (Netherlands).


Vision & Mission

Organisational Vision

KARUDECA aspires to be the leading organisation in Tanzania enabling marginalised communities to become empowered and self-sustainable in order to improve their standard of living.


Mission Statement

KARUDECA aims to improve the living standards of students, peasants and entrepreneurs and to strengthen their institutions in Kagera through providing micro-finance services and capacity building in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, agriculture and environmental conservation.


KARUDECA is committed to developing excellent and professional operational systems, as well as to transforming itself into an excellent organisation that contributes to achieving the challenging economic and social development goals if its members. The following core values and guiding principles characterise the work and life of KARUDECA and are embedded in all those who come to be associated with KARUDECA:



At KARUDECA we value actions that have due regard for people, our natural resources and the environment.



At KARUDECA we aim for Excellency in the service standards we provide to our beneficiaries. Our team members always go the extra mile to ensure a high quality standard of work in the most efficient and effective manner.



At KARUDECA we are working together with partners towards building credibility, transparency, capability and accountability



At KARUDECA we promote a culture of openness, information sharing and transparency.  We encourage our staff and board members to act in an open manner, and we try our utmost best to keep the public and stakeholders informed of our various activities.



At KARUDECA we are guided by honest and truthful actions that uphold our moral commitments to the best of their ability.



At KARUDECA we encourage cooperation and full participation of our members, staff, board members and stakeholders in order to jointly work towards our goals.

Sustainability:At KARUDECA we are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We work on achieving SDG in our projects.

Organisation Structure

Strategic Plan for 2019 - 2022

Karudeca presents the Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Strategic Plan Karudeca 2019-2022.pdf
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